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Trivia Quiz #5 October 12, 2004

1. What is the name of the film where Wendy plays the character Elena?
Question of Privilege
What Lies Beneath

2. Wendy's character Hilah is a music teacher in which of these movies?
My Father, My Rival
Mark of Cain

3. In 'Perfect Pie', what happens to Marie and Patsy that makes Marie leave town?
A car accident
They were hit by a train
They fought over a boy

4. Joanne Kilbourn first meets Detective Alex Emanuel in which movie?
Verdict in Blood
A Killing Spring
Deadly Appearances

5. In 'Frostfire', what is Victoria Renko's occupation?

6. In 'Mercy', how does Bernadine Mello meet Vickie Kittrie?
At Dr. Broussard's office
In a club
While shopping

7. In which movie does lawyer Gail Sterling refuse to take rape cases?
Question of Privilege
What Lies Beneath
Gang Related

8. Where do we see Wendy as Mrs. Burka for the first time in the movie 'Jack'?
Front door

9. In 'An Unexpected Love', where are Kate and Mac when Kate asks Mac about her deceased girlfriend Lauren?
Mac's house
Kate's house
A restaurant

10. What does Lila like to drink in the movie 'Better Than Chocolate'?


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