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Trivia Quiz #2 August 20, 2004

1. Wendy, her husband Michael, daughter Maggie and son Jack were all in the movie 'Sleeping Dogs Lie'. Which of the
following movies did Wendy, Michael and Maggie also appear in together?
Tanner '88
The Good Son

2. In the movie 'Better Than Chocolate', who played Lila's friend Judy?
Peter Outerbridge
Paul Gross
Robin Williams

3. In which movie that spans from 1889 to 1939 does Wendy play Ede Kilworth from the age of 23 to 73?
Sleeping Dogs Lie
The Piano Man's Daughter
The Last Brickmaker in America

4. In 'An Unexpected Love', what is the name of Mac's real estate agency?
Mayer Realty
McNally Realty
Hays Realty

5. How many children does Joanne Kilbourn have in 'Love and Murder'?

6. Wendy won a Gemini Award in the Best Actress/Guest Star category for which TV show?
Due South
Black Harbour
Street Legal

7. In 'Suddenly Naked', Jackie sold the rights to one of her novels to Danny Blair for how much money?

8. Which of these actors has Wendy co-starred with more then once?
Leslie Hope
Paul Gross
William Hurt

9. How many times as Wendy played Susan Silverman in the 'Spenser' movies?

10. What is the name of the television series in which Wendy played Maggie Steech?
Hard Copy
The Beast


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