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Trivia Quiz #1 August 13, 2004

1. What is Wendy's birthdate?
May 9, 1957
May 10, 1956
May 9, 1956

2. Where was Wendy born?
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
London, England

3. What was Wendy's character name in 'Gang Related'?
Grace Marshall
Norah Stanton
Helen Eden

4. In 'An Unexpected Love', what is the name of Mac's dog?

5. How many times has Wendy played Joanne Kilbourn?

6. Wendy was nominated for a Gemini Award for all of the following movies. Which one
did she NOT win? (She was robbed!)
At The End Of The Day: The Sue Rodriguez Story
The Many Trials of One Jane Doe
Getting Married in Buffalo Jump

7. In 'Suddenly Naked', after Jackie has sex with a fan, what does she tell him when he wants an autograph?
Sure, why not.
No trophies.
You don't deserve one.

8. Which of the these people has Wendy worked with more then twice?
Harrison Ford
Stockard Channing
Tom Selleck

9. Wendy is married to actor Michael Murphy. How many years older is Michael?

10. What is the name of Wendy's first Canada television series?
Night Heat
Home Fires


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